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Cadtracker Command unit

The Incident Command Unit in the UK is driven by the specialist Incident Command officers, providing command and control facilities on and approaching site. The ICU is in Layman's terms 'A computer room on wheels'.

Keeping people and firefighters safe has to be the prime responsibility of the Fire Brigade. One important aspect of today's service is the use of reliable communications between mobile command units and headquarters command control. The availability of data, instantly, ensures the efficient use of people and that the correct equipment is deployed, enabling the Fire Brigade to provide the best service possible.

CADTrackNav Ltd has been in discussions with various senior members of the UK fire service. Our software and system can be easily integrated into the .Net software applications currently running in the ICU and HQ.

Our onsite data & tracking can be transposed onto the ICU and HQ systems enabling the Incident Command Officers the ability to gauge the onsite situation before reaching site.


The CADTRACKER system can provide a complex building with bespoke information specific to the requirements of the building/structure itself in order to compensate for these complexities. The application of CADTRACKER is not only restricted to buildings and with the "GPS denied technology" we can provide our device for ships and underground structures such as mines. More building types