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Building Types

Cadtracker cruise ship


  • Large vessel/ship used for transportation and leisure activities/holidays
  • Numerous levels/floors
  • Multiple exits
  • Large numbers of people – including staff (both crew and hospitality staff) and passengers (of all ages)


Cadtracker Costa Concordia

Costa Concordia


The Costa Concordia entered service in July 2006 as the largest ship built in Italy at the time. Capacity: 3,780 passengers +1,000 crew. It was 290 metres long, 52 metres high and contained 1500 cabins. It cost €450 million.


  • Hit a reef, and was run aground off the Italian Coast
  • Struck port side, causing 50 metre tear below sea level causing it to sink
  • Evacuation of ship by lifeboats, helicopters, ferry or survivors swimming
  • 40 people missing - 20 found dead inside the ship days after the tragedy
  • Search for missing people took place over 16 days

Benefits of CADTRACKER for

With our "GPS denied technology", first responders can use CADTRACKER for search and rescue within a moving complex structure such as a cruise liner. It can be valuable in developing a strategic plan to navigate through the network of rooms and corridors. More building types