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Building Types

Cadtracker heritage buildings


  • Buildings of special historic, architectural, aesthetic or cultural interest
  • Can be old and rare structures which contain a significant proportion of their original fabric
  • Escape routes can be longer than that recommended in current guidance
  • Can have no alternative exits in certain parts of the building


Cadtracker Windsor Castle

Windsor Castle


Windsor Castle is a medieval castle and royal residence in Windsor in Berkshire, England. It is notable for its long association with the British royal family and for its architecture, paintings and antiques valued in the multi-millions.


  • A major fire occurred at Windsor Castle, lasting for fifteen hours and causing widespread damage
  • It is believed to have been started by a spotlight used in renovation works which set fire to a curtain
  • Fire-fighters battled the blaze, whilst castle staff attempted to rescue precious artwork from the castle. The exact position of precious artwork can be easily identified on the plans within our CADTRACKER system.

Benefits of CADTRACKER for

The CADTRACKER system can be developed to highlight complex escape routes and dead-end sections (blind alley, impasse, cul-de-sac, areas without egress) of a heritage building in order to inform tactical decisions when tackling a fire.
The system can alternatively be used for mobility impaired persons for Personal Emergency and Evacuation Plans. As suitable step free access for means of escape may not be viable in a building of this type and additional assistance is often necessary, the CADtracker will enable assisting personnel to locate users instantly. More building types