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Building Types

Cadtracker prison


  • A building where people are held when awaiting trial or convicted of a crime
  • Inmates/prisoners are confined in cells with single or multiple people per cell
  • Normal evacuation strategies are not possible due to security concerns
  • Prisons have a high rate of arson


Cadtracker Comayagua

National Prison of Comayagua


Comayagua is a city of 56,000 situated in west-central Honduras. The prison had over 800 inmates, more than twice its intended capacity.


  • At least 35 inmates were killed in a fire which may have been caused by a cigarette
  • Many inmates trapped in their cells died as the keys for their cells could not be located
  • Some inmates escaped through the roof of the prison

Benefits of CADTRACKER for

Prisons pose a high risk when fire is combined with the security measures required to contain inmates. The CADtracker system can be developed to highlight the complex means of escape including exit routes and secured doors. More building types