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Building Types

Cadtracker subsurface mine


  • Usually a network of tunnels and shafts dug into the earth to reach buried ore deposits
  • Ore for processing and waste rock for disposal are brought to the surface through the tunnels and shafts
  • Mining ventilation is a significant safety concern. Poor ventilation of mines can cause exposure to harmful gases, which requires workers to be provided with gas detection equipment
  • Ignited methane gas or coal dust is a common source of explosions in coal mines


Cadtracker San Jose Mine

San Jose Mine

Copiapo, Chile

The San Jose Mine is a small copper-gold mine located near Copiapo, Atacama Region, Chile. Its workings are reached by a long sloping roadway with many spiral turns not by a vertical mineshaft.


  • A mine shaft caved in at a depth of 300 metres in the San Jose mine with 33 workers trapped inside
  • 17 days passed before word was received via a drill probe that the workers were alive
  • 69 days after the collapse, the first miner was pulled to the surface in a specially designed steel cage winched up through a rescue shaft. All the miners survived

Benefits of CADTRACKER for

With "GPS denied technology", the tracking of users can still be possible even at subsurface levels. As with nuclear power plants, additional bespoke information can be added to the CADtracker system such as gas detection meaning the air condition of each miner can be monitored as well as their movement and location. More building types