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CADTrackNav of Kent (UK), have developed The CADTRACKER® Personnel Tracking system that provides highly accurate geo-position location information for personnel deployed in areas where there is no GPS service.

The CADTRACKER tracker is a small, wearable, lightweight deice that allow on-foot personnel to be tracked and located in both GPS and GPS- denied areas.

Inertial Navigation

IMU (inertial motion unit) sensors continuously update user's position in GPS-Denied areas.

The CADTRACKER unit can be bought separately in its own right with its own software and is useful for Security, Law Enforcement, Corrections, Mining and Commercial facilities. Key applications include; Man Down Extraction, Command and Control, Search & Rescue and Tactical Field Training exercises.

Relay Beacons

CAD Tracker have created their own purpose built Ultra Wide Band relay beacons, specifically designed to facilitate the inertial navigation elements of the system. One beacon is needed approximately every 1000 sq. ft.

The CAD Tracker system not only uses the Beacons to assist in personnel tracking but it also monitors the Beacon Telemetry to alert base control of any incongruous readings. Henceforth the nearest relevant personnel tracked within the vicinity can be dispatched to the area of concern.

About the System

Do you require any of the following :
  • Track the position of your team around a building or event
  • Locate the exact position of a lone worker within a structure
  • Identify the exact position of a first officer on a ship at sea
  • Mobilise the nearest Police officer to a scene in the underground
A complex building can be defined as one or more
of the following :
  • A large building with many floors
  • Housing complex processes or hazards
  • Multiple occupancies who may or may not know the building
  • Not designed to prescriptive coding but with an engineered solution


The application of CADTRACKER is not restricted to buildings and with the "GPS denied technology" we can provide our device for ships and underground structures such as mines. More building types