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Building Types

Cadtracker Airports


  • Location where aircraft take off, land, can be stored or maintained
  • Often cover a large area with buildings such as control towers, hangars and terminal buildings
  • Larger airports may have fixed base operator services, seaplane docks and ramps, air traffic control, passenger facilities such as restaurants and lounges, and their own emergency services
  • Can be a target for terrorists


Cadtracker Glasgow airport

Glasgow International Airport

Glasgow, Scotland

An international airport in Scotland, located 7 miles west of Glasgow city centre. In 2011 the airport handled nearly 6.9 million passengers, making it the second busiest in Scotland, after Edinburgh Airport, and the eighth busiest airport in the United Kingdom.


  • Glasgow International Airport was attacked in 2007 when a Jeep loaded with propane canisters was driven into the terminal and set on fire

Benefits of CADTRACKER for

All of the potential benefits of the CADTRACKER system can be seen when considering its usage within airports. It can aid first responders, track important personnel throughout the extensive site as well as being a tool for "Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans for the Mobility Impaired". We can liaise with in-house fire and rescue services to provide a bespoke system for use in training and dealing with an emergency.
Some airports cover an incredibly large area meaning the CAD tracker can be used for maintenance purposes to highlight the location of plant/equipment More building types