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CADTracker utilises GEO-SLAM technology for it’s deployment, enabling the user to create plans on the go - in real time.

100,000 square feet per day, per operative can be covered using this technology and beacon positions and telemetry are organised whilst the building plans are scanned.
GeoSLAMs huge capabilities are simplified to extract easy to use building plans. The X, Y co-ordinates of the beacons are placed as the building is scanned, all within minutes.

Send your operative out with the GeoSLAM to scan the building and the data is instantly sent back to CADTracker. The CADTracker system then loads the plans into place and they are ready to use.
  • Power on the GeoSLAM and press GO
  • Walk all around the building just holding the GeoSLAM
  • Finish scanning, plug the GeoSLAM into a computer and upload data to the cloud
  • CAD Tracker team receives data and translates it to the system
Visit the GeoSLAM website