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Cadtracker Stuart Edwards

Stuart Edwards

Managing Director After graduating in Building Conversation Technology over 18 years ago I worked firstly at an architectural practise and then a surveying practise. I saw a gap in the market for 'As existing' AutoCAD plans. I formed a company to supply these plans to architects and surveyors. The 'seminal' CAD Surveys has thrived ever since.
Cadtracker Peter Collings

Peter Collings

Director of Surveying Peter Collings is the managing director of LDS, a company that specialises in Land, Measured Building & Civil Engineering Surveying and setting out in the UK and overseas.
Cadtracker Andy Derrick

Andy Derrick

Software Development and Hardware Integrator Andy has been the main developer with the CAD Tracker for the last 2.5 years and has 20+ years’ experience of software wizardry including web development, database development, iPhone App development and application development.

Since joining the team, Andy has been involved in the full software development cycle, including analysis, specification and design & development, utilising his in-depth knowledge of the most up to date techniques. If problems should arise, Andy has a network of expert software and hardware engineers that he can call upon.
Cadtracker Cliff Lowe

Cliff Lowe

Business Development Manager Cliff started working life as an apprentive toolmaker in London before moving to Kent and eventually becoming Chief Design Draughtsman for a mechanical handling company.

He was later headhunted to save a plastics engineering business that supplied specialised systems for the injection moulding industry, a success now evident as it is owned by a large U.S. company. This subsequently lead him to form his own successful business designing specialised injection moulding equipment before moving into the surveying business with CAD Surveys and the revolutionary development of the CADTracker project.