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Building Safety

The CADTRACKER Building Safety & Security System provides precise location of personnel within any structure on the planet, either on land, underground or at sea.

With our personnel tracking system we position hazardous and lone workers, security and police etc with an easy to read building plan schematic in a ‘pan and zoom’ format, together with any building information required.

The system plans are accurately drawn and collated using GeoSLAM technology.

Speed of deployment and simplicity of use are key to this system. No infrastructure is required; No wi-fi, no power and no phone signals. The only devices left on site are small uWb beacons that are battery powered and are needed 1 per every 1000 sq. ft.
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CADTRACKER has intelligent software and tracking systems that provide technological up-to-date information to the buildings management and facilities teams.
I believe that the CADTRACKER is the way forward to the next generation of building management systems saving time, money, but more importantly saving life. W. March MIFPO
Senior Fire Risk Assessor